The choice is yours.

How would you choose to live and lead if nothing stood in your way?

Download your Permission to Choose Manifesto +
start to own what’s possible.

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The choice is yours.

How would you choose to live and lead if nothing stood in your way?

Download your Permission to Choose Manifesto +
start to own what’s possible.

Every choice you have made up until this moment – conscious and unconscious – has created the life you’re living now.

However, in our fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel like most choices are simply out of your hands, because you’re:

  • Burned out, and trapped in “reaction mode”, where even a tiny hiccup feels huge.
  • Out of integrity, because you feel you have to be one person at work, and another at home.
  • Overwhelmed by your to-do’s, and struggling to find time to check all of the boxes
  • Stuck on a hamster wheel, wondering if this is just the way things are supposed to be.
  • Constantly distracted and running on autopilot in your work and personal life.

The good news is, you now have a choice.

A choice to reinvent your approach to living and leading.

A choice to put yourself back in a position of power.

A choice to integrate your true strengths, erase your “personas”, and make a transformational impact on yourself, your relationships, your workplace, and the world.

A choice to set yourself free to live the life you want to, are meant to, and are here to live.

Because when you make the choice to pursue what you want most, you level up in every aspect of your life.

  • You make decisions more confidently in alignment with your core values, goals, and purpose.
  • Your integrity deepens, as you learn to integrate what you really value most.
  • Your capacity for innovation and joy expands as you become more present and engaged.
  • You lift up everyone you meet, and your relationships strengthen at the office, and at home.
  • You start to create the freedom and abundance you desire, instead of waiting for it to happen.

All you have to do is… CHOOSE.

Let’s begin.

My full website is coming soon but reach out at to inquire about any of the following services:



Keynotes around conscious choice, authentic leadership, corporate culture, and more.



Highly customized support for individuals and executives.


Corporate Trainings

Customized workshops for corporations ready to help leaders become the best version of themselves.

I’m Stef Ziev   

and since 2007 I’ve been privileged to help thousands of people – from CEO’s of organizations to CEO’s of households, and every level of executive, leader, and creative in between – exercise their incredible power of choice.

Every day, I’m inspired by my clients who take ownership of the choices they make, and create a more positive impact on the planet through the results they create.

As a former entertainment executive, I bring a unique lens to coaching, providing simple, cutting-edge tools, and techniques for my clients to achieve revolutionary results – both personally and professionally.

Are you ready to create a life that lights you up? The choice is yours.

Download your Permission to Choose Manifesto today and declare how you’re showing up.

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