What executive coaching clients are saying…

“Enjoy the ride! Stef encouraged me to think outside my current situation and to see obstacles as an opportunity to approach a situation differently. What stood out about Stef is her unwavering commitment to not let me sink into old patterns.”

—Amy Wigler, Former SVP, Viacom

“Working with Stef is a game changer! She quickly saw what was holding me back and provided insights and solutions to get me beyond my limiting beliefs. What impressed me the most was her ability to provide little nuggets of wisdom that I would keep going back to or continuously tap into, which created lasting, positive transformation in my mindset and business

—Cari Gatto, CEO, Swell Marketing Partners, LLC

“Stef is direct and honest, and there is no sugar coating anything, which has helped me, and also my team, to truly gain awareness and grow. Through our work together, I’m shifting old paradigms, consciously choosing who I’m being as a leader, and achieving my goals at a faster rate by doing less, which allows more time to focus on developing my team.”

—Lisa Pitts, Regional Managing Director + Leadership Advisor, The Siegfried Group

“I was starting a new venture and was excited to receive coaching support as I was getting the vision off the ground and building a new team. Stef helped me make the leap from operator to leader. Thanks to our work together, I’m a more confident leader, with a clearer perspective on what it takes to build great teams and set them up for excellence. As a result of our sessions I have developed a number of skills that I believe will be critical to my continued growth as a leader.”

—Mat Yurow, Former Head of Strategy, Wirecutter

“Be ready for hard work—but joyous and energizing work—at the hands of a talented, powerful, life-altering coach! Stef is caring and courageous armed with stance and awareness, a unique ability to challenge while instilling confidence, and a greater understanding of self and purpose.”

—Michael Blando, Founder, Impact Search Group, LLC

What individual coaching clients are saying…

“My first session with Stef was more helpful to me than any therapy session I’ve ever had. We quickly identified one of the core issues standing in the way of my success and worked to resolve it. She also gave me tools I could use on my own, ways to help me help myself. Since working together, I am more energized, full of hope, and about 25 pounds lighter.”

—Jackie, writer

“I was on the cusp of some major life changes—breaking from my corporate job and trying to figure out the next chapter professionally and for my family. I needed an objective voice to help me process all the change. Stef has had a meaningful measurable impact on my life. Not only do I love our time together because she is wonderful, patient, loving and inspiring, she’s also helped me to improve the quality of my relationships, communication, and professional trajectory.”

—Melissa Uhlir, Former Financial Executive turned Life Coach


“By working together with Stef, I discovered the insecurities that were holding me back, and I learned how to deal with them constructively, instead of pretending they weren’t there. Stef didn’t give me the answers, she asked the tough questions and provided the framework to work through the answers myself.”

—Stephen, VP of Marketing

“Stef is a blessing! Her nurturing style, probing questions, insightful comments, and sense of humor all come together and form a fabulous being. The clarity, confidence, and stillness that has re-emerged from me during our coaching relationship has been and continues to be transformative. Life coaching with Stef is a marvelous experience that will re-awaken your soul and send you soaring!”

—Chavonna, Educator 

“In all honesty, my 9 months of coaching with Stef changed my life. My career, my marriage, my parenting and my relationships with my friends and family were all positively affected. I didn’t even know what life coaching was, but Stef has made me into a huge fan and believer. She’s the greatest!”

—Julie, TV Producer + Spin Studio Owner/Instructor


“My life had not been moving forward the way I wanted it to and I was tired of hearing myself come up with the same old excuses. I knew my main obstacles were my own creation, but I also knew I needed someone to shake things up for me; someone who could help me re-assess and re-commit to my short and long-term goals; someone who could help me approach success in a new way. That’s when I met Stef. After our first meeting I knew she was the right person to help me. In our first session, Stef cut to the heart of everything—shining an incredibly powerful and positive light of inquiry, insight, and action into all aspects of my life. Almost immediately I was approaching things differently, and in the most energizing and self-believing way. “

—Jennifer, Digital Media Executive + Film Director 

“I admit I was a bit of a skeptic of life coaching at first, until I started working with Stef, who drew me out and invited me look at what exactly was holding me back, creatively and personally. And for the first time, I was able to transform my long-held, self-made limits, and really move forward.”

—Julie, Author

“Coaching with Stef has helped me to change the way I think about myself, my life, and what’s best for me. Her ability to synthesize, make analogies, and offer new ways of seeing is succinct and relatable. Her caring nature comes across through her enthusiasm and support. With her coaching, I am now able to make the changes I’ve always wanted to make in my life, and begin manifesting the dreams I’ve always dreamt.”

—Julia, Wine Export Manager

What workshop participants are saying…