Executive Coaching

I work with the C-Suite, high-level executives, and leaders who might feel mired in the weeds, alone, disconnected, overwhelmed, reactive and stuck.

What are you resisting?

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What are you resisting?

Through my executive coaching, I help high-achievers take what’s in their way and use it as an opportunity for growth.

As a result, they connect with their core values, shift their mindset to elevate their impact, amplify their effectiveness and solidify their relevance as a leader—all through the power of choice.

My approach helps your leaders not only step into their next level, but also flex their agility and creativity, and innovate with confidence, navigate conflict with intention, and inspire their teams to be more, and do more.

The work we do together in this professional partnership supports game-changers, visionaries, and top-level talent to:

BE a Strategic Leader

Effectively Communicate

Align with Purpose

Lead Through Change

Manage Growing Teams

Commit to Time Integrity

I believe when leaders consistently and consciously CHOOSE to take personal responsibility for who they are, what they want to achieve, what’s working, what's not working, and what’s best for the whole—goals are met, cultures thrive, and the company’s bottom line increases.

Let’s get started.

Please reach out to discuss how we can work together.

Pricing varies depending on scope and executive level.

Corporate Workshops

In every interactive workshop I lead, my goal is simple:

I aim to help your team of executives and managers mindfully and consistently exercise their power of choice, lead with purpose, communicate effectively, strengthen team dynamics, and increase accountability.

With my support, they’ll connect more deeply to their true gifts and talents, and explore their core values and vision around what they want to build—both within your organization, and in their lives outside the office.

Because when that happens...

Your leaders begin to recognize what they’re truly capable of.
They learn how to move through their challenges.
They play to their strengths…
And an incredible transformation unfolds.

Their blocks lift and blindspots shift.
Their team morale rises.
And their relationships—up, down and sideways—deepen and become more productive.

Are you looking to help your leaders become the more fully realized version of the impact-makers and trailblazers they are meant to be?

Let’s begin.

Each experiential workshop is tailored to the needs of your specific team and goals. Here are a few of my most powerful topics:


Choose. Accountability


Help team members connect with their mission and apply that to the                  company's mission

Guide your staff to recognize, shed and transform personal and                            collective limiting beliefs, blindspots              and blocks keeping them stuck

Create a measurable and sustainable action plan

Receive tools to choose and stay accountable to your commitments                  and goals


Choose. Leadership


Clarify the impact your employees want to have as leaders

Explore mindset of BEING a leader vs. DOING leadership

Interrupt old paradigms and create new narratives that help                                    participants know, feel, and                              understand their true value as a                      leader in life and business

Build and implement a practical tool-kit that supports participants to lead             with purpose.


Choose. Purpose, Values + Vision


Supporting your leaders as they clarify their PURPOSE—what’s                          driving/inspiring them and/or                          your organization?

Connect with their VALUES + VALUE: What do they value and what is their              value as a leader and a company?

Create their VISION for themselves, their team, and/or your organization

Align on this holistic, common core and use it as a guidepost for your                  teams, boards, and organization                    as a whole

All group-based training options can be customized in content, context, and time to meet your company’s specific needs.