Leadership Lab


Leadership Lab

Virtual Leadership Lab

An interactive session for visionary leaders who are committed to elevating their impact and growing through change personally and professionally.

Join Us Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 12 PM ET TOPIC: Choose Your 2024 Vision

Are you ready to use your power of CHOICE to amplify your effectiveness and expand your relevance as a leader in your life and business in this ever-changing world?

If you’re like my clients, you are already an extraordinary leader who shows up with purpose, authenticity, and integrity.

You inspire teams

You take a stand

You flex your agility

You own your value

You strategically contribute

You are trusted + respected

You are a game changer!

But every now and then, you feel the stakes rising as the world is evolving.

You get a pang of discomfort questioning if there are better, more innovative, or productive ways for you to stay ahead of the curve and…

Lead Through Change: In your inner and outer world

Communicate Effectively: Up, down and sideways

Manage Your Growing Team: To set them up for success

Commit to Time Integrity: Honor your time with purpose

Be More Strategic: Rise above weeds to serve greater needs

You KNOW if you could just be more deliberate and take the time to reflect and riff with like-minded thought partners, you could rise above the fray and take your leadership, teams, organization, and your life to the next level.

And… this begins with CHOICE. 

Because the more intention you bring to the choices you make, the more power you have over the results you create.

You're Invited

Join me and a powerful group of high EQ and generous leaders at the next “Leadership Lab”.

We’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not working—and you’ll leave with solid next steps to turn your challenges into choices and your choices into results…

1.11.24 at 12 PM ET

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